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28 November 2020

A meeting of the Competition Committee of the regional competition of mini-projects for the development of territorial communities "Together to the future" was held, which reviewed the status of implementation of winning projects, according to operational monitoring data, and the change in the format of its holding in 2021. The event was held by the head of the Competition Committee, Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov.

This year, the region is implementing 264 projects totaling 73 million hryvnias, including co-financing from the regional budget – 36.2 million hryvnias. Territorial communities received the regional subvention on June 30 this year. However, not all communities have fulfilled their obligations.

According to local authorities on the use of subvention funds from the regional budget for co-financing of projects-as of September 1, this year, 243 projects (92% of the total number) had cash expenditures in the amount of 37.7 million hryvnias, including at the expense of subventions from the regional budget of 19.3 million hryvnias (53% of the total subvention). No cash expenditures were made for 21 projects.

The members of the meeting also discussed the reallocation of funds in the framework of ongoing projects, which appeared as a result of savings due to tender procedures through the "transparent" system.

According to the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, Sergii Chernov, during the existence of the contest "Together to the future", which operates in the region since 2009, more than two thousand mini-projects that contributed to territorial development and sales initiatives of the communities were implemented in Kharkiv region.

"The United territorial communities will soon switch to direct budget relations with the state, and participation budgets will be introduced. The contest should turn focus from mini projects promoting sustainable socio-economic development at local and regional levels through enhanced cooperation of territorial communities and public initiatives, with emphasis on consistency with the objectives of the development Strategy of Kharkiv region for 2021-2027 first. We should change the philosophy of the competition and work exclusively for the future," the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov said.

The main changes to the Regulations on the procedure for holding the regional competition "Together to the future" will be considered by deputies at the plenary session of the regular session of the Regional Council. In particular, it is planned to increase co-financing of projects, change the terms of co-financing and expand the range of participants.