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28 November 2020

Chairman of the Kharkiv regional Council Sergey Chernov visited Krasnograd today, where mini-projects of the regional competition "Together to the future" were presented, and held a personal meeting with people.

As Sergii Chernov noted, the territorial community of Krasnograd Region always takes an active part in the regional competition of mini-projects and during the "Together to the future" period, 100 projects have already been implemented in the region's localities.

"It is always nice to see the results of the implementation of community initiatives. Today I was happy to communicate with young people who train at the sports club "Peresvit". Sports achievements and victories of the students of the experienced coach show that there are prospects, so it is necessary to create conditions for as many young people as possible to come to sports clubs. The gym was renovated, walls were insulated, but still there is work to do  -  roof repair, construction of sports grounds near the clubhouse and the reconstruction for gyms additional space.

The next project, which was presented today by the veterans' organization, is unique for Kharkiv region. A veteran hub has been created – it is a leisure area for the elderly. We've learned that with such initiatives traditionally comes in youth, in this case it's the opposite. Elderly people, among whom there are many talents and creative personalities, now have a place in Krasnograd for meaningful communication," the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council shared his impressions.

Sergii Chernov also assured that none of the issues and problems discussed at the personal meeting in Krasnograd would remain without his attention or control.

"During the meeting with people, there are always questions of assistance in the treatment of serious diseases and financial assistance. All problems require attention: we will help someone with a complex surgery, someone will get advice from leading doctors, and financial assistance will also be provided. Life is not easy, and those who have the opportunity should help," Sergii Chernov said.

The Chairman of the Regional Council said that at a personal meeting there were also issues related to the preparation for the heating season and the repair of multi-storey buildings. Now the most pressing issue is the successful start of the heating season.

In particular, Sergii Chernov emphasized that he will take under personal control the proper preparation of boiler rooms, premises and heat supply systems, especially in educational, health and social institutions: "Public utilities should start conducting hydraulic tests on time, check and configure the entire complex of devices that provide heat supply to apartments and houses, and ensure their smooth functioning during the entire heating period of 2020-2021."

Sergii Chernov was also extremely concerned about the situation that developed in a nine-story residential building due to a broken elevator: "The local government should be directly responsible, it should have resolved the issue as soon as possible, because people with disabilities live in the house, for whom the elevator is the only connection with the world and today they are left alone locked in their homes, –the Chairman of the Regional Council said. - We must provide all residents with a comfortable life. Therefore, under my personal word, I will agree with the relevant municipal institution of Kharkiv on the repair and resolution of this issue. And the Deputy corps of the Krasnograd district Council at the next session will adopt the appropriate program and will gradually pay for the work performed. It is unacceptable to leave an entire house without an elevator service for a long time."

In addition, communicating with the community of Krasnograd district Sergii Chernov has informed that at session of Regional Council which would be held on October 1 the fifty questions on the agenda would also include increasing funding to the Fund "Health of Slobozhanshchyna", the additional contributions to which would enhance the range of people who would be granted emergency financial assistance.