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08 March 2021

On the TV airtime on UA: Kharkiv, Sergii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council elaborated on the issue regarding holding the first sessions of the highest representative body of the region and local councils.

“Sessions of the newly elected local councils should be held as early as possible,” Sergii Chernov said, “Many issues need to be adopted. However, the first sessions concern exclusively organizational issues - the election of the presidium - chairmen and deputies, the formation of permanent committees, as well as issues that give an opportunity to begin work of the council as a representative body of government.”

According to Sergii Chernov, over sixty issues are ready to be addressed at the regional level, meaning for Kharkiv Regional Council:

“Work of twenty special-purpose comprehensive regional programs will be finished next year before January 1. It is necessary to adopt new ones, so that the State Treasury could finance measures, provided for in the programs. However, they should be discussed by the specialized committees. Also it is necessary to make amendments to the regional budget and adopt the budget for year 2021 by the end of this year. 

It is necessary to review a wide range of issues regarding the joint property of territorial communities of the region, personnel issues, etc., on which stable activity of the region depends.”   

The Chairman of the Regional Council once again stressed that the executive and representative branches of government should work only together, complementing each other, pursuant to the authority:

“The government should work systematically, make clear and well-considered decisions. Deeds should not contrast with promises. This is a great responsibility and this is what regional and district state administrations should be guided by in cooperation with elected councils at all levels.”

“At the regional or district level, the state administration and the council cannot work separately. They should complement each other pursuant to their authority, as regional and district councils do not have their own executive committees, which have community councils, so conflicts should be avoided. Even where the legal system has certain gaps, deputies and employees of administrations should find common ground and work together for the region.”