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21 January 2022

The Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Tetiana Yehorova-Lutsenko discussed this issue today with member of the European Parliament, member of the International Committee of the European Parliament Lukas Mandl and Secretary General of the Assembly of European regions Christian Shpara.

As Christian Spar told, the the Assembly of European regions is a European Interstate organization aimed at developing cooperation between European regions. It brings together politicians from different regions to solve problems of a pan-European nature. The Assembly has a number of working groups, each of which deals with a specific area.

"This is a landmark meeting and I am glad to welcome you to Kharkiv region. I hope for fruitful cooperation. Our region is interested in the support of foreign partners in the industrial and agricultural sectors, as well as it. I would also like to hear the opinion of experts on the privatization of state property, which will begin in Ukraine soon. These initiatives are fully shared by the head of the Kharkiv regional state administration Alexander Skakun," Tetiana Yehorova-Lutsenko said.

Lukas Mandl noted that the assembly's task is to support the regions in their development, as well as to establish effective communication.

"This is a very important meeting for us and we are proud that we were able to come to the Kharkiv region, which is a very powerful center in Ukraine in many areas. We are interested in deepening cooperation in order to provide opportunities to better implement the reforms that are being implemented both at the regional and national levels. It is also important for us that Kharkiv region attracts investment, that the life of all citizens both in your region, your country and in Europe as a whole becomes better, and cooperation between regions in the EU and beyond is established," the European parliamentarian said.

Lukas Mandl invited Tetiana Yehorova-Lutsenko to address members of the European Parliament and share the problems and achievements of the Kharkiv region.