The seminar "Tools and mechanisms of public participation in the development of society", dedicated to the topic of increasing the role of the public in decision-making, will be held in Merefa today.

The responsibility for the effectiveness of local self-government is borne not only by the authorities, but also by the residents of the territorial community, Sergii Chernov,  Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council is convinced. "The welfare of citizens depends on how effectively we can organize the management of our households, streets, neighborhoods and society as a whole. Under such conditions, close and effective interaction between the public and the authorities locally is important", the Head of the regional Council emphasizes.

The activities of condominiums can be considered an example of effective cooperation, according to Sergii Chernov,  as much as 1267 of them are registered in the Kharkiv region, 40 of them were registered this year. The largest number of condominiums was created in Kharkiv - 569; town of  Lozova - 70; town of Chuhuiv-71; n. Raisin-34; Kharkiv district-81; Balakliia district -49; Chuhuiv district-47.

Thus, the decision of Kharkiv Regional Council dated  October 29, 2015 approved a program to stimulate associations of co-owners of apartment buildings, housing cooperatives of Kharkiv region to introduce energy-efficient technologies for 2016-2020, according to which the regional budget additionally reimburses 20% of the amount of loans attracted by a Housing Cooperative/HBC for the purchase of energy-efficient equipment and materials. For the implementation of the Program in 2019, 1.4 million UAH are provided.

During the program 80 housing cooperatives and HBC received compensation from the regional budget almost for a total of 4.4 million USD,  credit funds in the amount of  41.7 million UAH were attracted. (the most active are as follows: town of Lozova - 44 housing cooperatives received credit; town of Chuhuiv - 42 housing cooperatives; town of Izium - 8 housing cooperatives.

Own Programs of cheapening of "warm" credits successfully work in the following towns: Valky, Lozova, Chuhuiv, in Dbvorichanskyi and Kehychivskyi districts.

In addition, housing cooperatives are active participants of the regional competition "Together into the future". Only during the last three years, 62 mini-projects became the winners of the competition, co-financing from the regional budget in the amount of almost 7 million UAH was received for the implementation of these mini-projects.

Since 2018, the regional competition is also attended by self-organization bodies of the population (SOBP). During 2018-2019 the winners included  63 projects, co-financing from the regional budget amounted to 8 million hryvnia.

"These examples show that residents can do a lot for their communities, settlements or homes if they have the desire and participate actively, - the Chairman of the regional Council said. – And our task is to spread the best practices and reach the bigger amount of those who want to change their lives and the life of their community for the better!"

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