Today, a practical seminar "Tools and mechanisms of public participation in the development of society" was held in Merefa, it was devoted to the creation of housing cooperatives and self-organization bodies of the population, practices of involving the public in managerial decision-making. Residents of Merefa told about such effective forms of activity on interest groups as Women's and Youth Council of the community, each of which is engaged in its own projects, proving the necessity of its existence for the whole United Territorial Community.

The regional seminar was attended by Merefa mayor Veniamin Sitov; First Vice-President – Executive Director of the Association of local self-government bodies of Kharkiv region Mykola Titov; Vice-President of the Association of local self-government bodies of the region, Head of the Standing Committee of the Kharkiv regional Council on budget Liudmyla Nemykina; Head of the Department for local self-government, community development and international relations of the Executive office of the Kharkiv regional Council Olena Kulyk; heads and representatives of local councils of Kharkiv region.

Opening the meeting, Mykola Titov expressed the belief that the seminar will enrich people present there with those practices of Merefa United Territorial Community, which uses a particularly effective and efficient interaction of authorities and the public.

"We are all aware that the well-being of the community can be very significantly influenced by its residents. Success depends on how effectively we can organize the management of our households, streets, neighborhoods. In such circumstances, close and effective interaction between the public and local authorities is important. Cooperation and partnership requires time and the process of reform", - said the first Vice-President-Executive Director of the Association.

The participants of the seminar got acquainted with the successful practices in Merefa communities that became winners of all-Ukrainian Competition "Best practices in local government", which is held based on the methodology and under the support of the Council of Europe.

According to Veniamin Sitov, " Kharkiv Regional Council is a key partner of Merefa United Territorial Community. The result was the implementation of a number of successful and important projects for the development of the territories. They include the construction of Center for Administrative services (funds of regional subvention amounted to 10,6 million UAH), reconstruction of a sports ground for game sports and individual occupations by physical culture (regional funds amounted to 1,5 million UAH), restoration of the kindergarten building in Merefa (2018-8,758 million UAH, 2019 - 2 million UAH).

This year was a record one for Merefa in raising funds for the implementation of mini-projects of the contest "Together into the future". So, in 2019, more than a million hryvnias were attracted for the implementation of the winning initiatives.

According to Olena Kulyk, Merefa United Territorial Community has unique expertise, backed by years of successful operation:

"I believe that today, against the backdrop of a large number of experts and connoisseurs, it is very important to study not only the theory of the case but to learn from each other practices, the success of which every year only increases, and already recognized as the best all-Ukrainian competition "Best practices in local government".

After the best practices demonstrated by Merefa, Chuhuiv took up the initiative to continue the marathon, promising to present his best social projects next month.

Thus, as Olena Kulyk says  "every month we will be able to pay attention to a particular district or community of Kharkiv region, which is particularly effective in a certain direction, what our region can share with others, what is already recognized and appreciated by international institutions".


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