Sergii Chernov, President of the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional councils, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council took part in the ceremonial events on occasion of the Local Self-governance Day at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Sergii Chernov addressed lawmakers in behalf of the self-governing bodies.

First of all, he offered congratulations with the professional holiday to those “who work with people directly and daily, make a contribution to establishing sovereignty of the people, developing democracy and civil society.”

“In 2014 my colleagues who work at the local councils and I welcomed the beginning of reforms of local self-governance and territorial organization of the power focused on decentralization, as well as bringing the national system of municipal governance to European standards. The reforms which we had been waiting for over the years.

Five years passed and we can see the evident improvements and important accomplishments. At some time this made it possible to call decentralization the reform No.1. And no less important is that we gained our own significant national experience in implementing reforms,” – Sergii Chernov said.

He stresses, “Having such a practice behind, one should mention not only the accomplishments but also determine certain development prospects of the reform and challenges which must be responded, so that this process could run on and be a success.”

Thus, he drew attention to the priority task by briefly addressing to the representatives of all levels, people’s deputies and those who effect on the  pace of the reform:

“Next year there will be local elections. The certain processes envisaged by the reform have to be completed and some high-priority tasks relating to its implementation have to be solved by that time. In its turn it means moving to another step of the reform.


To complete the process of creating competent communities by way of voluntary association. Whereas over 4500 communities have gone through the procedure of consolidation and more than one thousand unified territorial communities have been created, nearly 6400 communities are still not unified.


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