Today, during the Skype conference, chairmen of the cities of regional significance and united territorial communities in Kharkiv region discussed development of the region in the context of investments attraction by creating industrial parks.

Vitalii Pohosian, First Deputy Chairman of Kharkiv Regional State Administration, and Olena Kulyk, Head of the Directorate of local self-government, development of communities and international relations of the Executive Apparatus of Kharkiv Regional Council, were the speakers during online broadcasting.

The main thesis of this online meeting is the creation of conditions for development of industrial parks on the territory of Kharkiv region. Through the lens of last year statistics: 700,000,000.00 US Dollars of direct foreign investments were made to Kharkiv region; this is not enough for ensuring sustainable economic development of the large Kharkiv region. Therefore, the regional communities need to audit land and infrastructure to identify acceptable options for creating industrial parks, which will become an effective mechanism for attracting investment in regional and local economic development.

According to Olena Kulyk, a special questionnaire has already been prepared, which will help initiative communities select all the necessary units that may be of interest to the investor as soon as possible. 

"Creation of industrial parks requires ordinary industrial territory or free land plot, old factories that no longer function or part of the territory of enterprises that they do not use," Olena Kulyk said. - Economic, industrial or research activities will be carried out on the territory in the future. For its part, the Regional Council is ready to accumulate all information that will be provided by the cities and the united territorial communities of Kharkiv region regarding the infrastructure of the units."  

Thanks to the creation of industrial parks, communities in Kharkiv region will get: attraction of foreign investments, increase in employment of the population, balanced regional development, support from local manufacturers, and assistance to small and medium businesses. Among other things, income through the provision of land and production areas and the build-up of 60% of the land tax in the community budget.

As reported during a Skype conference, Malynivka united territorial community has already started working on the first industrial park in the region. Merefa united territorial community has also suggested an option for starting the park. The implementation of such projects will provide these territories with much greater competitiveness, the speakers emphasize.

Vitalii Pohosian, First Deputy Chairman of the Regional State Administration, mentioned that first of all, we should build a mechanism, create an office to attract an investor - it will be the only institution where an investor of any level will apply. Then a certain land plot or a ready investment project will be selected for him on in territory of the region.

Also, the regional authorities, for their part, are ready to provide the communities of Kharkiv region with all the necessary support, both in writing the concept regarding the industrial park and in the further necessary procedures in the Ministry of Economic Development, including the industrial parks in the state register, etc.

Besides, the region will undertake centralized promotion of the industrial parks and will maintain relations with the scientific institutions of the region, which will be able to train relevant personnel. The most initiative communities of the region will even be able to get financial support from the State Regional Development Fund for creating the necessary infrastructure.

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