During the meeting of the standing commission of the Regional Council on infrastructure, transport, roads and intercommunication, Sergii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, put an emphasis on the necessity to speed up the work of sectorial departments at the Regional Public Administration and the Financial Department, in particular, with respect to the regional budget balance.

“It is required to have the detailed inspection in all sectors of economy in Kharkiv region, in order to offer reserves of cost-effectiveness and to minimize the planned volumes of major construction works and housing and utility services. This year we made provisions for significant expenditures from the development budget and the funds should be targeted to the objects at the moment, as it will be impossible to do during the next session, because no one can undergo a tender procedure and arrange work performance in such a relatively short time.

We should take into consideration that any construction object means guaranteed jobs, salaries, taxes, which are extremely important for stabilizing the situation and the regional development,” – said Sergii Chernov.

According to his words, there are specific sectors in the region which require to review financing on a first-priority basis, and in which the sources of budget savings are evident. For example, there was no catering for children at general educational institutions for two months, and it means that the funds had not been spent. Besides, the warm winter assisted to get significant energy supplies in all the sectors.

Sergii Chernov stated, “In the shortest possible time it is necessary to generalize absolutely all areas which have savings, in order to find the reserve funds and balance the budget to avoid financial losses related to teachers, doctors, culture workers, and establishments. And therewith, we must launch construction works to the fullest this year.”

He stated as well that from Monday there would be meetings of standing commissions of the Regional Council of social, economic and budgetary areas. They require balanced indices in the sectors, in budget revenue and spending, so that on May 28 during the plenary session the deputies could approve the clearly defined amendments to the regional budget.


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