Opening the meeting of the Association, Sergii Chernov, President of the Association of Local Self-Government Bodies, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, summed up the results of its activities during the term of local councils.

“The term of local councils, which is coming to an end, came at a time of change, but we managed to do a lot in the region. In five years, all members of the Association, in which represented almost 100% of the  local self-government of the region, made a number of important decisions and the preparation of each one of was collegial, with the participation of all representatives of local councils. We set a goal to do something useful for the region, each district and all communities. At the same time, we never stood aloof from the processes taking place at the state level, we brought our point of view to Kyiv and did everything to be heard there. We were not always agreed with, but  we have a consistent and principled position. Our contribution is in many legislative acts and normative documents, it is a reflection of our point of view”, stressed Sergii Chernov. The Association of Local Self-Government Bodies of Kharkiv Region closely monitors all areas of life in the region.

24 meetings of the Association of Local Self-Government Bodies of Kharkiv Region took place during the term. Taking into account the agenda of the current meeting, the Association made almost 140 decisions. Among them were appeals to the President, Parliament, Government, individual ministries and departments. Consultations with scholars, practitioners and the public have always been a priority in the preparation of decisions, including appeals.

"The Association has a strong staff. Community leaders or heads of district councils have received an appropriate education and training, have considerable practice and experience in local government and executive authorities. That's why our team worked very efficiently. There is almost no community that would not participate in the regional competition of mini-projects “Together into the future” and thus would not do something useful for its residents," said Sergii Chernov.

The President of the Association also stressed that the representatives of the Association of Local Governments of Kharkiv region have always tried new forms and opportunities for development. When community cooperation projects were introduced, more than 135 communities of Kharkiv region were among the first in Ukraine to gain practical experience in implementing such practices and to prove their usefulness and necessity for territorial development. This experience was taken into account by the deputies of the regional council when making adjustments to the measures for the development of local self-government in the region, taking into account the results of the decentralization reform and its further implementation.

“Thanks to the work of the Association - discussion and proposals made - the regional council announced a new regional competition aimed at the development of medicine in rural areas, the implementation of which begins on January 01, 2021. The competition is aimed at creating favorable conditions for health care workers, their motivation, renovation of premises and providing rural medical institutions with modern equipment,” said Serhii Chernov.

Serhii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, also thanked the members of the Association for their assistance in creating the only unique Museum of Local Self-Government in Ukraine under the auspices of the Association.


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