During a working trip to Bohodukhiv district, the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Artur Tovmasian visited "Bohodukhiv Central District Hospital", where he examined the premises, discussed with the management and staff problematic issues of the municipal enterprise.

According to the director of "Bohodukhiv Central District Hospital" Mykola Hryshchenko, the institution provides round-the-clock medical care not only to local residents, but also accepts patients from Zolochiv, Derhachi and Krasnokutsk districts. Recently, the emergency department has been renovated and medical equipment has been updated. "However, there are still a number of problems that the hospital hopes for the support of the Regional Council to solve. We are talking about roof repairs, insulation, and reconstruction of premises for the infectious diseases department. There is a need for a rehabilitation department for patients with stroke, for this it is necessary to carry out repairs," the Head of the institution said.

Artur Tovmasian emphasized that support for the healthcare sector is and will continue to be among the main priorities of Kharkiv Regional Council. "I emphasize that all the transformations that are taking place in the context of administrative, territorial and medical reforms should not negatively affect the activities of health care institutions, the quality of their assistance to the population, especially in the context of the coronavirus epidemic. On the contrary, people should feel real changes for the better. Not a single medical institution in the region will be ignored by the regional authorities. Bohodukhiv hospital is no exception. We will look for ways to help solve these problems," said the chairman of the Regional Council.

For reference: in the hospital, one can get help in surgical, traumatological, anesthetic, therapeutic, obstetric-gynecological, neurological and pediatric profiles. The structure of the institution includes a hospital with 150 beds for round-the-clock stay of patients and a polyclinic for 283 visits. 40% of the hospital's bed stock, which is 60 beds, is intended for hospitalization of patients with coronavirus disease COVID-19 and suspected of it.

In 2019, a CT scanner was purchased at the expense of the regional budget, and medical equipment, medical devices, and office equipment were purchased at the expense of the district budget. The German society for international cooperation GIZ has financed the renovation of the emergency department on the first floor of the hospital.

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