The Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Artur Tovmasian in Bohodukhiv district got acquainted with the work of a number of educational institutions, in particular, with the preparation for the opening of a secondary school of I-III stages in the village of Hubarivka.

School Headmaster Kateryna Kysil showed to Artur Tovmasian the premises of the new educational institution, including a gym, a library and a computer class. "At the same time, the school needs a sports field, additional computer and multimedia equipment for the English language classroom, furniture. There is a problem of bringing to a safe state unfinished buildings that are not planned to be used for the educational process," Kateryna Kysil said. She invited the chairman of the Regional Council to take part in the celebrations on the occasion of the opening of the school and the holiday of the first bell.

"Ensuring a safe and comfortable stay for children in the school is an urgent task for the authorities. Together with the community's self - government bodies, we will consider opportunities to help Hubarivka school start the first academic year at the proper level," Artur Tovmasian said.

The construction of the school in Hubarivka began in 1993. Although the main general construction works were completed in the middle of the two thousandth years, over time the object turned into a "long-term construction" and the condition of the structures began to deteriorate. Only in 2017, the village council developed design and estimate documentation at the expense of its own budget. The construction was carried out at the expense of the local budget, as well as within the framework of the regional program of economic and social development. Now the construction of the school has been completed, the facility is ready for commissioning. The long-awaited opening of the school in the village will take place on September 1. 95 students will take their seats at their desks.

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