Today Artur Tovmasian, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, inspected Krasnohrad pre-school institution No.3, talked to parents and personnel and, according to the results, held a working session with representatives of local authorities.

Artur Tovmasian stated, “Residents of Krasnohrad community addressed me with a complaint that their children do not get adequate nutrition in this pre-school institution. The Regional Council cannot stand aside, so I decided to sort the situation out.”

The parents told during the meeting that delays in food supplies had started from the beginning of the year and later, in February, the situation became worse.

A mother of a child from this preschool told, “The situation reached the point where children even did not get bread in the preschool, without mentioning meat, fish, milk products and fruits. They got only porridge and carrot or beetroot puree.”

Antonina Turova, Head of the education authority of Krasnohrad municipal territorial community, explained that as a result of delegation of powers from district state administrations to territorial communities, it turned out to become impossible to conduct tender procurements for a while - the relevant education agency has not yet had powers to do so.

Antonina Turova said, “This situation did not come as unexpected, and heads of educational institutions were informed to order food in December, taking into consideration absence of food supplies in January and February.”

Artur Tovmasian asked law enforcement agencies to get involved in this situation, so that they could provide legal evaluation of the circumstances and actions of the public officials.

Artur Tovmasian said, “Yes, indeed, nowadays the reform process is being carried out. But in fact, in this situation children suffered most of all, getting no adequate nutrition. I ask law enforcement agencies to investigate the issue and provide legal evaluation, and the guilty, if any, must be punished. Such situations must not happen again in the future!”

Mykyta Daloka, Deputy Head of Pervomaisk Procurator’s Office, informed during his working session that records on negligence of duties had already been made at the National Register of Pre-Trial Investigations of Ukraine and the inspection had been initiated.

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