Today Artur Tovmasian, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, had a meeting with Kharkiv sportsmen, members of the Ukrainian National Boxing Team. They will compete for the Olympic license to participate at the XXXII Olympic Games to be held this summer in Tokyo. Besides, Serhii Fedchenko, Master of Sports of Ukraine in Boxing, IBF Intercontinental World Champion, WBO European Champion took part at the meeting.

At first, on behalf of the deputies, Artur Tovmasian expressed gratitude to coaches and sportsmen, emphasizing that by their achievements they strengthen credibility of Kharkiv region at the national and international competitions.

At the beginning of the meeting Artur Tovmasian said, “It is extremely nice to meet with young sportsmen who have been doing sports at an elite level and also with those who have been training such sportsmen. With your example you show to the youth that it is possible to achieve success in any business, in any activity, if one has a wish, establishes a goal and pursues it relentlessly, no matter what hardships and problems can be.”

He also noted that this year Kharkiv Regional Boxing Federation had received the financial support from the regional budget at the amount of 600,000.00 hryvnias. It is planned to allocate complementary funds aimed at preparation of sportsmen to compete at different levels, including the Olympic Games. Besides, Artur Tovmasian suggested holding the Boxing Forum this year. A strategy of development and popularization of boxing is going to be worked out in cooperation with the sports society of Kharkiv region and European partners.

Artir Tovmasian said, “I try to follow the success of our boxers, whenever possible. The more so because this kind of sports is especially congenial to me. You can always rely on my support and support of the deputies. We believe in you, your victories and expect the record results.”

According to Oleksandr Manchak, first Vice-President of Kharkiv Regional Boxing Federation, most members of the Ukrainian National Boxing Team are from Kharkiv.

Oleksandr Manchak convinced, “Our boxers worthily represent our region at the highest national and international competitions, they take medal places and compete for medals. Nowadays the sportsmen have the most important objective – to compete for the Olympic license. So we take care not to fail and please our fans with new victories.”


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