The first meeting of the Chamber of Regions of the Congress of local and regional authorities took place in Dnipro under the chairmanship of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. Artur Tovmasyan, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, took part in the work of the Chamber of Regions.

Opening the meeting, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky highlighted that the Congress should balance different views on the development of the region and be the platform for building cooperation between central and regional authority.

“One of the main functions of the upper chamber of the Congress should become balance of different views and approaches to the development of the regions. Not politics, mottos should be prevalent but actions aimed at the development of the regions, attraction of real investments, creation of new working positions. Consequently, the development of each region and the whole Ukraine, "the President of the country said.

During the meeting, the Chairman of the Chamber of Regions and his deputies were elected and the Rules of Procedure of the Chamber of Regions were approved. Thus, Serhii Hrynevetskyi, Chairman of Odessa State Administration, became Chairman of the Chamber of Regions. The Chairmen of Mykolaiv Regional Council Hanna Zamazieieva and the Chairman of Chernivtsi Regional State Administration Serhii Osachuk are elected his deputies.

Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Artur Tovmasian emphasized the necessity of creating the Chamber of Regions within the framework of Congress, whose functions include participation in formation of the state regional policy and decentralization processes.    

“I am convinced that the Chamber of Regions can become the most effective communication space for regional authorities and the presidential vertical, interaction between local self-government authorities and the executive branch," the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council thinks.

For reference: The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities under the President of Ukraine was established in March 2021 by the order of the Presidential. The Chamber of Regions must represent and defend the interests of regional authorities.”


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