The Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Artur Tovmasian got acquainted with the reconstruction of the Pisochyn preschool institution "Teremok". At the last plenary session, a subvention of UAH 5 million was allocated from the regional budget for repairs.

The largest number of children of the community lives on the territory of the Mobile microdistrict. It is here that the largest preschool education institution in the Kharkiv region No. 3 (nursery-kindergarten) "Teremok" is located, where 499 children in 16 different age groups are brought up, and the capacity of the institution is only 360 places. Therefore, it is not possible to satisfy the desire of all residents to receive pre-school education on the territory of their native community. So, 106 children apply for enrollment in the early age group (nursery) alone in 2021, which is 66 more than the kindergarten can accommodate.

The Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Artur Tovmasian in April of this year, while on a visit to the community, learned about the need to open new groups for preschoolers as soon as possible and got acquainted with the construction project. Then it was decided to promote the community.

"More than three hundred children are now waiting in line to attend kindergarten. The funds allocated at the session of the Regional Council made it possible to start construction in the near future," said Pisochyn village head Oleg Chernobay.

Reconstruction will begin in July, and it is planned to manage it within 13 months. “Teremok” will have a music hall, a sports hall, a resource room, a physical therapy room (rehabilitologist), and five modern groups for the comprehensive development of children. Also, an inclusive group will be placed in the kindergarten building under the project, where children with special educational needs (there are already three of them in the kindergarten today), will be able to get education. In addition, there will be a laundry room, a medical office with an isolation ward.

"A few months ago in Pisochyn I talked with local residents and the chairman of the territorial community about building a new kindergarten building. There is an urgent need to open new groups, there is a long queue for enrollment in the institution. The community developed a project for the construction of a modern building, but funds were needed to start it. Five million hryvnias have already been allocated from the regional budget and work will begin in ten days. Today we discussed the progress of work with contractors, so I hope that in a year another 115 local children will go to a modern kindergarten," Artur Tovmasian, the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council said.

Also in Pisochyn, Artur Tovmasian inspected the site where it is planned to place a stadium with artificial turf. Village head Oleg Chernobay said that the stadium's playing field should be 64 by 100 m – the minimum size of European standards on which UEFA allows international matches to be held. It is also planned to install spectator stands with 500 seats, running tracks, auxiliary rooms, equip a special entrance for transport, parking and fire-fighting structures. The total cost of the project is more than UAH 60 million.


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