Overhaul of the solid fuel boiler house of the municipal pre-school educational institution "Merefa Nursery and Kindergarten No.3" is carried out at the expense of the budget of Kharkiv region. Artur Tovmasian, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, inspected the process of reconstruction. In addition to the boiler house, the heating system of the institution will also be repaired.

Let us recall that during Artur Tovmasian’s previous visit to Merefa community, he was approached by Mayor Veniamin Sitov regarding assistance in resolving the issue of overhauling the heating system, which runs from the boiler house to kindergarten No.3 and to Merefa school No.7. By the decision of the Regional Council dd. June 10, 2021, when making amendments to the regional budget, 1.44 million hryvnias and 1.07 million hryvnias, respectively, was allocated for the overhaul of heating systems in the abovementioned facilities.

"It is clear that it is impossible to do everything at once. But the Regional Council will systematically upgrade the infrastructure in pre-school institutions in the region in order for pupils and their teachers to feel comfortable, and for parents to not worry about the conditions in which their children are studying. Therefore, I single out this as a priority issue in the work of the Regional Council, "Artur Tovmasian stressed.

According to the mayor Veniamin Sitov, the customer of the works was Merefa City Council. “In 2020, the existing equipment was dismantled, metal and concrete constructions were installed, walls were made waterproof, ventilation was installed, electrical work was carried out, etc. The main reconstruction works have already started,” Veniamin Sitov informed.

The chief engineer of the project Andrii Redko said that all works are performed according to the schedule and will be completed by the beginning of the school year. Pumping equipment and control valves are now being installed.


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