Artur Tovmasian, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, inspected the work of communal establishments during his working trip to Kupiansk district.

For example, construction of a boiler house in a psychoneurological boarding school has been the alerting issue for many years.

A modern gas and solid fuel boiler house with efficiency rate 94% will have been installed by the beginning of the heating season. Total value of works is 7.8 mln hryvnias which have been targeted from the regional budget.

Artur Tovmasian said, “Development and capability of communities depend on competence and activity of their leaders. We have a strong professional team, but there are certain issues which cannot be solved by communities independently. Deputies, acting according to their competence, are always ready to support all the projects aimed at developing communal infrastructure, as this affects comfort and safety of people.”

As it was informed by Volodymyr Sabada, Director of the establishment, the boarding school had been established more than 20 years ago. The Psychiatric Medical and Social Expert Commission No. 1 and the Medical Advisory Commission of Kupiansk Municipal Central Hospital develop and adjust individual rehabilitation programs for each person, they also control program implementation, decide on the further stay of persons under care in the boarding school.

Volodymyr Sabada said, “Medical rooms are supplied with armamentarium, as well as devices and equipment required for giving medical care. As for repairs, we perform current works independently - paint the walls, put up wallpaper, lay linoleum. Naturally, we are not able to make more serious repairs on our own.”

During his working trip, Artur Tovmasian inspected progress of reconstruction of the boiler house at the urban-type settlement of Kupiansk-Vuzlovyy. 13 mln hryvnias have been earlier targeted for reconstruction purposes from the regional budget, of which 2.8 mln hryvnias have been allocated this year in order to complete works in good time. As it was informed by Andrii Kozub, Deputy Mayor, it is one of two boiler houses heating the whole urban-type settlement: residential area and social sphere. The works are still in progress.

Hennadii Matsehora, Mayor of Kupiansk, it is extremely important to have good communication between local self-government authorities and the Regional Council. He said, “Unfortunately, local budgets cannot take the required load. We are able to solve important issues with help of the Regional Council. Through participation in a contest of mini-projects as well. Also when solving issues on road repair, education support, public health care. We can bring about problematic issues within the framework of the Association of Local Self-government Bodies in Kharkiv region. With the assistance of Artur Edmarovych, we can get things moving. We received assurances of support related to implementation of educational reforms, obtained assistance in road repair. One of the most important objects is a boiler house located at 2 Soniachna street. We installed four new boilers which provide heating for budgetary institutions. The funds allocated from the regional budget have been used in due time, so we have reasons to believe that the beginning of the heating season will be on time.”

While vising Kupiansk specialized school today, the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council inspected educational facilities and communicated with the teaching staff. 167 students study at school, there are 10 after-school hobby groups, and all students get free meals. Classrooms are equipped with educational and correctional equipment for proper development of children. However, there is a problem with modern computer equipment. The Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council promised assistance in solving the issue of equipping IT room.

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