Artur Tovmasian, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, visited Nova Vodolaha during his working trip and had a look at communal vehicles at the Municipal Improving and Landscaping Service of Novovodolazka Village Council.

As it was informed by Oleksandr Iesin, Head of Novovodolazka Village Council, the Department of Housing and Communal Services, Landscaping, Infrastructure, Transport and Environmental Protection of the Novovodolazka Village Council was established in 2017.
It provides housing and communal services, maintains infrastructure of Novovodolazka territorial community. Street and road network is an integral part of community redevelopment. One of the tasks to be performed by the Department is maintenance, renovation and reconstruction, sanitary cleaning of facilities. The Improving and Landscaping Service performs scheduled free pickup and removal of household waste from community households in all Starostyn districts.

Oleksandr Iesin told, “After administrative and territorial reforming, 15 residential units have been added to the community. Thus, we expanded a list of services. We did not have enough vehicles and equipment available. Besides, some vehicles and equipment outlived, being now in poor condition. Nowadays the machinery park has been restocked with specialized automobiles for solid domestic waste, a tractor-based tower has appeared, and other things. The cost of the equipment having been purchased by the community is over 3.9 mln hryvnias.”

Totally the Department has more than 40 items of specialized motor vehicles, including an excavator-loader, school buses, tractors.

The Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council said, “The community government should have long-term vision of community development. The issue of sustainable functioning of the housing and communal services system, with enlarged districts and new communities, is of key importance for the whole region. The lack of required motor vehicles, unsatisfactory transport communication between villages and other pressing issues are going to be solved gradually. Novovodolazka community demonstrates a good example of arranging transportation for children and teachers at schools and kindergartens, participants and spectators of public events, welfare beneficiaries. Besides, vehicles are used for making excursions for students.”

Furthermore, Artur Tovmasian had a look at the Center of Administrative Services of Novovodolazka Village Council that had been opened in 2017. This unit is in demand among the community. For example, during the first six months of 2021 11,435 services have been rendered at the Center of Administrative Services. The most required type of service is to obtain ID-14, that gives an opportunity for teenagers between 14-18 years old to obtain passport and taxpayer record card, as informed by the Center.

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