The head of the Kharkiv regional council Tetyana Yegorova-Lutsenko took part in a solemn ceremony of laying flowers on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine to the monument of Independence of Ukraine "Flying Ukraine" on the Constitution Square in Kharkiv. 

The celebrations were also attended by Acting Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Oleksandr Skakun, First Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council Albert Kononenko, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council Valeriia Muraieva, deputies of the regional council, leaders of the regional state administration and city council, ATO / OUF veterans, clergy and the public.

On behalf of the Kharkiv Regional Council, Tetyana Yegorova-Lutsenko congratulated the residents of Kharkiv Region on the main national holiday. "For me, independence is when a person can live in own country and be confident in the future. When people are willing to start a family to have children, to take them to kindergarten and then to school, to work, to make the Motherland even better. Ukraine has approached the thirtieth anniversary of Independence through difficult trials. Even ten years ago, we still did not clearly understand what statehood is, what the integrity and sovereignty of the country means to each of us. Today we realize how much needs to be done for the development of the state. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is doing a lot of work, first of all, to return the occupied territories. The work of the head of state and his team will definitely have results. Everything we do, from the President to the deputies of local councils, is aimed at ensuring that our state is independent, free and strong," the Head of the Kharkiv Regional Council said.

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