While making a public presentation of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine and priorities of the government relating to the reforming of local self-government and territorial authorities in Ukraine, Sergii Chernov, President of the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council stated that the Association makes an emphasis on the fact that there is a whole package of powers and execution of them will be effective to the uttermost only at the subregional level.
What the listeners should hear; how to make a product that comes from the receivers useful and necessary for the audience, discussed today the participants of the training on radio broadcasting organized by Kharkiv Regional Council. The training was conducted by Andriy Kulykov, Chairman of the Board of Public Radio.
Sergii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, took part in the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Regional Specialized Boarding School “Obdarovanist”, which was founded on June 25, 2009 by the decision of the ХLІІ session of Kharkiv Regional Council of the V convocation.
This was the main question asked the Chairman of the Board of Public Radio, Andriy Kulykov by the participants in the training on the development of broadcasting, who arrived in Kharkiv from Balakliia, Izium, Krasnohrad, Lozova, Pervomaisk, Chuhuiv, Shevchenkove districts.
During his working trip to Lozova district Sergii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, got acquainted with the roadway replacement of road segment Merefa-Pavlohrad, as well as examined the equipment of a scale platform.
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